7 Reasons Why You Should Be Heading To Kumaon If You Are A Cycling Enthusiast

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Heading To Kumaon If You Are A Cycling Enthusiast

Adventure enthusiast Nitin Yadav deciphers challenges and excitement that cycling in Kumaon pose to nature-lovers.

By Nitin Yadav

One of the things that spoils the beauty of any tourist destination, however beautiful nature might have created it, is the hordes of crowd. Especially if it’s a long weekend, there is more crowd in those places than the cities we live in. India is travelling like never before ; be it summer vacations, autumn break or Christmas /New year vacations all popular tourist destinations are always filled with maddening crowds. The crowd and the following vehicular traffic makes any ride risky, difficult and non-pleasurable to say the least.


Fun in the Himalayas…somewhere up in the hills !!!


If you are a cycling enthusiast & a nature lover and going on long and peaceful rides is what makes you happy, Kumaon is the destination you should be heading to, and here are the  7 reasons why Kumaon is the ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Amazing Roads
– Kumaon has some of the most well laid and well tarred roads in the country. Almost 90% of the roads are well maintained and therefore the quality of the ride is enjoyable.

Very less to almost no traffic
– Kumaon has stayed quite untouched by the influx of the neo-Indian traveler and therefore has been spared the crowds and the vehicular traffic. Most part of the cycling route is either traffic free or has manageable traffic.

Fresh mountain air & ancient pine & oak forests
– Less  traffic also means less pollution and the fresh mountain air takes the quality of your experience of cycling in the hills to the next level. The ancient Oak & Pine forests not only add to the beauty of the landscape but also to the overall feeling of wellbeing.

Safety & Security
– Kumaon is one region where you can actually spot a few ambulances along the path when you are cycling. Therefore in an emergency situation the response time is good and you can ride on with zero tension.


Come, let’s enjoy…


Himalayan Peaks makes for a stunning Landscape   Major peaks like Chaukhamba, Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Kedarnath are distinctly visible from here and on a clear sunny day makes for a spectacular view that can make a tough climb on the saddle a happy and enjoyable experience.

Unique terrace farms of Kumaon
– Another fascinating and stunning feature of the landscape in this region are its terrace farms; Set amidst the them there are cozy and cute looking houses that gives a distinct dreamy edge to the entire landscape. These can be best enjoyed on a short trek post a ride or as a pit stop for lunch.

Warm and friendly locals & cozy homestays &
Unlike other hill stations, Kumaon has stayed untouched by commercialization and therefore you will find a lot of enthusiastic kids waving at you and very friendly and warm locals and if you are really interested in exploring the local culture staying at one of the home stays is highly recommended.

Nature’s bounty

About Nitin Yadav

Nitin has been a traveler ever since he could remember; a maverick and an explorer. After a conventional start in the corporate world, he found his calling in photography and started off as a motorsport event photographer and moved on to organizing adventure sports events like Off-Roading events &Multi-Nation expeditions. Nitin’s work has been published nationally in magazines & newspapers including Better Photography, Overdrive, Autotrack, Zigwheels, The Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

After a decade long career in motorsports he moved to the Pristine Kumaon hills to live his dream of getting quality cycling expeditions to India. For Nitin, Cycleit is his dream of combining his love for the mountains with his passion for riding and bringing to the biking enthusiasts a wide range of riding experiences. He also plans to start some very exclusive Photo treks soon.

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    it's great cycling between terrace farms of kumaon. Good post featuring the scope of cycling adventure in kumaon .

  2. Megha September 04, at 06:43

    Uttarakhand has such a great scope for Adventure sports. Thanks for bringing forward one such opportunity.


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