Let “Queen of Hills — Nainital” shine

Let “Queen of Hills — Nainital” shine


A heartwarming poem on Nainital by Deveshi Pandey, a Class III student from Kolkata.

Deveshi dedicates this to her native place Nainital !!!



Nainital – Nature’s Beauty

I came to stay here

With nature so near

Pollution…I fear

The clean air is,

Here everywhere

The gushing streams

Seems like a dream

The green hills

Freshness in one’s heart fills

The big lake is

For everyone’s sake

Boating along the ducks and fish

Is everyone’s wish

Life here is so simple

Living with nature in ample

Nature’s beauty will not stay

If cutting of woods goes this way

Stop this crime

Before we run out of time

And let “Queen of Hills – Nainital” shine.

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