Singal — Uttarakhand’s traditional sweet snack

Singal — Uttarakhand’s traditional sweet snack

Meeta Shah explains how ‘singal’, a traditional sweet snack usually made for weddings and other occasions besides special festivals like Diwali and Holi, is prepared…


  • Semolina     2 cups

  • Curd              1 cup

  • Ghee             ½ cup or 1 cup cream (malai) 

  • Sugar           1 cup

  • Milk              ½ cup

  • Refined oil for frying



  • Add all the ingredients in a big bowl. Beat for 5 minutes into thick but easy-flowing batter and then keep aside.

  • Now take a thick poly bag like an empty milk pack, fill the mixture in it and tie on top with a rubber band.

  • Make a hole of half inch diameter at one corner.

  • Fry in hot oil making jalebi-like shape. Cook in low flame till golden in colour.

  • Serve hot this mouth-watering dish.



meeta shah

Meeta Shah, who hails from Nainital and now resides in Noida, has been keeping traditions and culture of Uttarakhand alive. She has been experimenting with Uttarakhand’s traditional and other dishes.

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  1. Nirmal August 09, at 05:49

    Can the SINGAL made with pulp of Banana added to the mixture. We make it this way


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