Indian Army gets new War Museum देखिये पाकिस्तान से हुए युद्ध की जीवंत दास्ताँ

Indian Army gets new War Museum   देखिये पाकिस्तान से हुए युद्ध की जीवंत दास्ताँ

The new War Museum in the Military Station of Jaisalmer, and at the Yuddhsthal (battle ground) at Laungewala in the western sector showcases the traditional bravery of the Indian Army, writes Aarti Dhar


he Jaisalmer War Museum is located 10 km short of Jaisalmer on the Jodhpur highway and has been established to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebration year of 1965 war as a befitting tribute to all gallant soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in the defence of their country.

This War Museum, which is the first of its kind on the western front, traces the evolution of the Indian Army and covers in detail its inspiring contribution in all combat operations and other nation building activities. It is all set to become a ‘must visit’ destination for the large number of tourists visiting Jaisalmer.

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The Indian Tricolour flying proudly against the War Heroes Wall is the main attraction. The museum has two large information display halls, an audio visual room, a well-stocked souvenir shop and a cafeteria.  There are a large number of captured war trophies and own vintage equipment on display to include tanks, guns and military vehicles. The Indian Air Force has presented a Hunter aircraft for the museum, which was used during the Battle for Laungewala fought in 1971. Located just two hours away from Jaisalmer, the memorial is open seven days a week and entry is free.

Also to commemorate the heroic battle fought and recount the chilling moments of valour and bravery of the gallant soldiers of the Indian armed forces on night 04-05 Dec 1971, a war memorial has been established at Laungewala at the very site where Pakistan faced a humiliating defeat in which over 179 Pakistani soldiers were killed or wounded and 37 Pakistani tanks were destroyed.

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Two Pakistani tanks destroyed in that battle (T-59 and Sherman) remain at Laungewala – named Laungewala Yuddhsthal –and recount the tale of the heroic battle. The murals of the soldiers, whose supreme sacrifice led to victory in the Laungewala battle and the 106 mm Recoilless Gun (main anti tank weapon) employed to destroy a number of Pakistani tanks occupy a place of pride in the memorial.

The memorial also has a state-of-the-art audio visual theatre for screening the movie on the battle of Laungewala. In addition to the lucid account of the battle, the movie has an interview with Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, Maha Vir Chakra, the hero of the Laungewala battle, who gives a vivid description of the heroic deeds of the gallant soldiers of the Indian armed forces.


Indian Army has a very rich heritage and a unique standing amongst our countrymen. Its reputation for bravery, honesty and contribution to nation building has been built over the years by countless sacrifices and achievements of the soldiers in uniform.

The idea of creating the Jaisalmer War Museum, which is the first of its kind in the entire Western Sector, was to memorialize the glory of Indian Army, revisit the saga of sacrifices and showcase the real war events as they happened in the past. The museum tracks the causes, events and consequences of the battle fought by the Indian Army since times immemorial and offer the visitors a mesmerizing and proud feeling.

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The site of the museum was a barren piece of desert waste land, within the confines of Jaisalmer Military Station. Now, Jaisalmer War Museum stands proudly against the famed background of the Jaisalmer Military Station with every bit of the effort that has gone into its making, giving justice to the sacrifice of our war heroes.

On display are two Pakistani Sherman Tanks, one T-59 Tanks and one Recovery vehicle, while India’s Hunter Air Craft, 3 T – 55 Tanks, two Vijayant Tanks, and one each Anti Aircraft Gun L-70, Pack How 75/24, RCL gun, Air Defence Radar, APC Topaz and BTR – 60 are showcased.



Aarti Dhar
is a Delhi-based senior journalist who has covered a variety of social, developmental and political issues, which includes over two-decade-long association with The Hindu as Deputy Editor

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  1. UMESH CHANDRA SATI September 06, at 15:26

    I have had the honour and privilege of witnessing the actual site where the men of the two nations saw real action and firefight. I had gone there as a part of the team from National Defence Academy during our training days. The interaction with the 'Men in Uniform' was awe-inspiring. Equally exciting was the visit to 'Tanot Mata Ka Mandir', and thrilling was its story during the days of war. I am sure the Museum must be informative, educative, and state of the art kind. Shall be visiting this winters. Salute to the brave hearts who went beyond the call of duty, made the supreme sacrifice, and ensured that the Naam, Namak, and Nishaan of their regiments and battalions are not tarnished. Jai Hind.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 07, at 04:35

      We wish that the new Army museum will give inspiration to the nation, particularly our youth, and make people aware about the sacrifices of the Indian Army and its brave soldiers. We are proud of them. Definitely, this museum with soon become a must-visit in every Indian's tour itinerary. We wish Indian Army all the very best.


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