Gahat (Kulth) ke Dubke गहत के डुबके

Gahat (Kulth) ke Dubke गहत के डुबके

‘Dubke’ made of various pulses or lentils are very popular among Uttarakhandis. It forms main course of the food spread usually prepared on weekends or holidays. A sumptuous ‘dubke’ served with aromatic rice makes the day of every foodie. Here we present ‘Gahat (Kulth) Ke Dubke’….


Gahat (Kulth) Daal  —  1 ½ cup

 Rice  —  ¼ cup

Ginger  —  2 inch piece

Garlic  —  10 cloves (optional)

Coriander leaves —  1 bunch finely chopped

Hot spices (Garam masala)  —  2 tablespoon

Cumin seeds  —  1 tablespoon

Jambu (local) herb  —  1 tablespoon

Desi ghee  —  3 tablespoon

Salt  —  1 ½ tablespoon or as per your taste         

Green chilli  —  3 or as per your taste

Red chilli  —  3 or as per your taste

Mango powder  —  ½ tablespoon

Gahat ke dubuke with iddare 001

Gahat ke dubuke with iddare 002

Soak Gahat daal and rice separately for 4-5 hours or overnight.

Grind 1/3 of the Gahat coarsely, add ½ ginger, ½ coriander, 3 finely chopped green chilies, 1 tablespoon garam masala or hot spices, ½  tablespoon mango powder and some salt.

Kneed to mixture, make small balls & keep aside.

Grind rest of the Gahat daal, rice, ginger, garlic , coriander and make a fine paste.  Add salt and hot spices. Put this paste in a iron ‘kadahi’ with 1 tablespoon ghee with some water.  Stir continuously till it boils.

Add above balls in boiling gravy. Cook for 1 hour.

Temper with Jambu herb, cumin seeds and red chili in hot ghee. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with rice.

Gahat ke dubuke with iddare 003

meeta shah
Meeta Shah, who hails from Nainital and now resides in Noida, has been keeping traditions and culture of Uttarakhand alive. She has been experimenting with Uttarakhand’s traditional and other dishes.

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  1. Kritika July 25, at 15:24

    Can you please elaborate what is gahat aur kulath ...and by what name it is known in uttarpradesh

    • Uttarakhand Panorama July 25, at 16:11

      Thanks for visitng the website! Gahat is a special pulse or entil grown in Uttarakhand. It is also called Kulth or Kulthi in other parts of the country. In English it is known as Horse Gram, which is available online on various e-commerce websites. Gahat has many medicinal properties and is very beneficial for health.

  2. Nirmal August 09, at 05:55

    A herb by the name of Gandhrani is put in all forms of Dubkhas. It really turns the flavour amazing. If in Delhi Gandhrani can be got from during Nov Trade Fair in Uttrakhand Paviolion.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama August 09, at 06:25

      Rightly said. Unfortunately, herbs like Jambu and Gandhrani are now rarely used in Pahadi cuisine. Infact, younger generation who have migrated to cities for jobs are unaware about these herbs. Thanks for your comments and do keep visiting the website.


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