Hayat Da, Uttarakhand will miss you… नहीं रहे ‘माउंटेन मैन’ हयात दा

Hayat Da, Uttarakhand will miss you… नहीं रहे ‘माउंटेन मैन’ हयात दा


hen we first ran the story of Hyat Singh Chilwal, Uttarakhand’s very own ‘Dashrath Manjhi” who single-handedly carved out roads cutting tough Himalayan terrain in Almora district, we were hopeful that Uttarakhand Government and India would recognise the contribution of this great son of Uttarakhand for his grit and selfless hard work for the society.

But we feel sad to announce that this unsung hero of Uttarakhand left us last month. The death of Hyat Da at the age of 80 years also went unnoticed as his work. At a time when government is spending lakhs of rupees on not-so-important events, not recognising this man of soil reflects the society we live in.

Hyat Da, who was a resident on Pandkot village in Hawalbagh block in Almora, made 18 km-long roads with his bare hands in at least six locations, connecting remote villages and making life easier for people. Even after his retirement from PWD, he continued with his passion. People tell us that he was making roads even a few days before he succumbed to heart attack.

Let us hope that the government will now recognise his contribution towards the nation, the state and society. His name should be imortalised in the history of Uttarakhand. The onus of how to do this now lies with the rulers and the society for whom Hyat Da toiled throughout his life.

Here is the link to the earlier story on Hyat Da…..



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  1. Anna March 26, at 04:49

    Great to see that such man was in the history of Uttarakhand and also good to see Uttarakhand Panorama for asking to give importance to his contribution.


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