NIM daredevils does it again!!! देखें कैसे बचायी निम के जांबाज़ों ने एक पर्वतारोही की जान

A dramatic video has been shot of a rescue operation in the Dokrani Bamak Glacier (Uttarkashi) in the higher reaches of Garhwal Himalayas where a young woman was rescued after she had fallen in a dangerous crevasse. In a daring expedition by mountaineers belonging to the Indian Army and attached to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, the lady was rescued alive…


his incident happened during morning hours at 1:30 AM when the team was preparing for the summit climb. Jayshri walked out of her tent with her buddy and suddenly fell into a hidden crevasse covered with thin layer of snow, the crevasse was hour-glass shaped and she got stuck in the bottle neck.

The depth at which she was stuck was around 30 feet. It was later discovered the crevasse was 200-300 feet deep, her legs were freely hanging in mid air, if that bottleneck won’t have been there she would have fallen beyond reach.

The rescue operation started immediately after her buddy told her situation to the team leader. Three rescue attempts were made during 1hr 30mins of life-threatening fight against the nature.

Main rescuer Shivraj took the challenge and finally rescued the girl. The girl during the rescue never lost her senses and kept on informing regarding her situation. After she was rescued, proper medical attention was given. Jayshri after this said “I want to go to the Summit”.

Advance Mountaineering Course, Batch No. 153

Rescued By- Shivraj Singh Panwar (Instructor NIM)
Team Leader – Digambar Singh Panwar (Senior Instructor)
Date of Incident – 16 June 2016 Time- 1:30 AM
Location – Camp 1 Height above sea level – 15800 Ft Dokrani Bamak Glacier (Uttarkashi)

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