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Mouthwatering Gujiyas with a twist! लाजवाब गुजिया नए अंदाज़ में!

Happy Holi to all the readers! We bring to you recipe of mouthwatering Gujiyas by our food expert, Meeta Shah.

Yummy ‘Gudmalet’ गुडमलेट–मूंगफली चिक्की पहाड़ी स्टाइल में

In Uttarakhand, ‘Gudmalet’, popularly known as chikki, is a popular time-pass snack which is made of roasted peanuts and jaggery

Enjoy ‘Patode’, Uttarakhand’s favourite tea-time snack अरबी के पत्तों के लाज़वाब पतोड़े

‘Patode’, a special snack made of ‘Arbi’ leaves (Colocassia leaves, also known as Elephant Ears leaves), is very popular in

Multigrain Namakpare — A healthy tea-time snack स्वादिष्ट, पौस्टिक नमकपारे

Meeta Shah, our food expert, has prepared a tasty, healthy snack option that will be loved by people of all

Yummy Sweet & Sour Mango Pickle खट्टा-मीठा, चटपटा आम का अचार

Our Food expert Meeta Shah prepares yet another mouthwatering delicacy found in every household in Uttarakhand…Sweet & Sour Mango Pickle 

Baat — A Kumaoni dish served with steamed rice

We present to you a lesser-known but a mouth-watering delicacy from Kumaon. “Baat” is a perfect dish that can be

झंगोरे की खीर Jhangore ki Kheer

उत्तराखंड में विभिन्न प्रकार के अनाज होते हैं. इसी में से एक मोटा अनाज है झंगोरा जिसकी खीर बहुत ही

Tasty, tangy Bhang Ki Chutney चटपटी भांग की चटनी

Do not get alarmed by the name of the dish as this will not get you intoxicated. This recipe is

Gahat (Kulth) ke Dubke गहत के डुबके

‘Dubke’ made of various pulses or lentils are very popular among Uttarakhandis. It forms main course of the food spread

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