About Us

About Us

Uttarakhand Panorama is a news and current affairs website which raises social, cultural, political and development issues of the Himalayan state. Idea is to create a strong online presence through a dedicated website and leverage social media to make Uttarakhand Panorama a complete platform for all news/events/views related exclusively to Uttarakhand. We also plan to launch a monthly news magazine soon that will complement the website.

There is no serious news website/magazine on Uttarakhand that addresses issues of the Hill state and makes an impact at the state and national level. Uttarakhand Panorama will fill this gap. Effort is to raise real and serious issues the state is facing and engage policy-makers, planners, executive, experts, natives and diaspora to play a participatory role in the state’s development.

It will also provide a platform to readers, natives of Uttarakhand and the Diaspora to raise their voice and discuss their issues threadbare. Those interested to contribute can write to us, but please keep the content related to Uttarakhand. You can also share pictures, write-ups of events happening in your cities/towns.

Our email is uttarakhandpanorama@gmail.com

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Sandeep Joshi, Editor-in-Chief of Uttarakhand Panorama, has 20-years of experience as a journalist, having worked in premier media organisations like The Hindu, Press Trust of India (PTI) and The Pioneer.

Sandeep has vast experience in covering issues related to politics, social, development, business et al. Having maintained strong roots in Uttarakhand, he decided to contribute towards journalism in his own way.  Through Uttarakhand Panorama, Sandeep strives to bring positive changes in the social-political scenario in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand –My Land, My Home !!!

एक सोच, एक उड़ान !!

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat launched — www.uttarakhandpanorama.com — the news and current affairs website dedicated to Uttarakhand on August 31, 2015.

This unique website has stories in both English and Hindi on a variety of topics — from politics to social, development, environment, culture and tourism.

It also promotes Uttarakhand’s culture, cuisine and heritage, besides giving space to readers and writers to express their views on various topics related to Uttarakhand.

We hope that this website will usher in a new chapter in journalism in Uttarakhand.


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat launching the website



CM going through the website after the launch




CM discusses his plans for Uttarakhand during a chat at the launch


  1. Saran August 21, at 15:42

    Great initiative and all the best...keep up the good work.

  2. Moni August 31, at 10:47

    Wishing you all the best as Mountains need much more space at the national level to realise their rightful importance in sustenance of our lives!!

  3. SAKSHI September 01, at 07:30

    Super initiative!! would certainly highlight Uttarakhand on the the world map. Kudos to the team n the mind behind it!! It shall be followed regularly :)

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 01, at 07:42

      Thanks so much. Such words of appreciation give us inspiration to do better and better !!!

  4. Gaurav Pawar September 01, at 20:07

    A great initiative, I must say! For people like me who have been staying too far away for far too long, this is as good as visiting the place (my home) itself. Like many others, I too plan to go back someday. But that 'someday' too, is far from me. Just like my home. Anyway, enough of my nostalgic ways. Great work and thanks a lot!

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 01, at 20:33

      We are glad that you liked the initiative. We all are living in a big dilemma of choosing between our homeland and our jobs. Having the urge to return to our roots is the most important thing that will thrive us to work towards achieving it. And that "someday" my friend will surely come. Hoping to get your continuous support. Please feel free to write to us, giving us your suggestions and feedback. We would also encourage our readers to write to us, in any form -- news stories, blogs, travelogue etc and send pictures of events of your cities and town. Thanks again. Best

      • Gaurav Pawar September 02, at 10:53

        Will surely do that. Life can take away a 'pahadi' from 'pahad', but it can never take away the 'pahad' out of a 'pahadi'! Thanks again!

        • Uttarakhand Panorama September 02, at 11:18

          Well said -- We are all proud to be a 'pahadi'. Thanks for your comments. Keep visiting the website and send in your suggestions. Make more and more people aware about the website so that we can create it as a unique media platform for all 'pahadis' / 'Uttarakhandis'

  5. Manoj Negi September 02, at 07:18

    Thanks a lot for this great effort. I read one the article published on the website " Oh Doon…what a shame!!!" and somewhat agree that we have made this place a living hell in last 15 year. I really need your help to understand as how the naming of DDUN in Smart city list will change the city current state and how common public will be affected by this move. Thanks again..

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 02, at 11:16

      Thanks for liking the website. Just naming a city 'smart' won't make it one. We all need to strive for it. Will surely do one story on the 'smart city' concept. It is not just Dehradun, but all major cities across Uttarakhand are full of filth and dirt. We need to expose authorities who fail to do their jobs, but it is also our duty to keep our city clean. I would request you to send some write up / photos about Dehradun where civic authorities have failed to do their job in keeping the city clean. Would be happy to publish it.

  6. Sushanta Talukdar September 02, at 12:09

    Congratulations. It is a great initiative as it will help us to stay informed about Uttarakhand. Wishing you all the best in your endeavour.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 02, at 13:54

      Thanks so much for your kinds words. Seeking continuous support and best wishes from you.

  7. Raman September 03, at 12:46

    Great Sir, Congratulation and with you all the best.

  8. Yusuf September 03, at 20:27

    Sandeep Bhai, I knew you would do a great job whenever you would start your website, but I had not known the sheer thoroughness that you have undergone and thoughtful sections that you have introduced are so exciting. It shows the love you have for Uttranchal. There are various websites that opens windows to new cultures, thoughts or places but this website seems to be a complete doorway to the State and I am sure will prove to be a great bridge of connect for Uttranchalis outside the state and the state itself. Best of Luck to you and Kudos for the great initiative. Yusuf, Le Communique Consultancy

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 04, at 06:50

      Dear Yusuf, thanks so much for your inspiring words. It is such morale-boosting words from friends like you that keeps me going. Yes, the effort is to make Uttarakhand Panorama a complete website for people of Uttarakhand and Uttarakhand-lovers. We will make all efforts to realise this dream. Please do keep visiting the website and also promote it in your circle. Keep sending your suggestions and feedback. Thanks Sandeep Joshi Editor Uttarakhand Panorama

  9. sanjeev kumar September 04, at 11:28

    bhaiya very good work, congrats and best wishes for your future goals

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 04, at 11:32

      Thanks for liking it. Keep visiting the website and send in your feedback and comments. Please tell people in your circle about the website so that more and more and people can access it.

  10. dinesh bhatt September 05, at 06:20

    Sandeep da.. great achievement. yours involvement and dedicated efforts towards uttrakhand will definitely illuminate the hills of Uttrakhand. I hearty Conway my best wishes for your contribution... Dinesh Bhatt, Shantipuri

  11. dinesh bhatt September 05, at 06:22

    Sandeep da.. great achievement. yours involvement and dedicated efforts towards uttrakhand will definitely illuminate the hills of Uttrakhand. I heartily Conway my best wishes for your contribution... Dinesh Bhatt, Shantipuri

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 05, at 13:47

      Thanks Bro...Please keep visiting the website and tell others in your circle about the website. We are making sincere efforts to make Uttarakhand Panorama a true voice of the hills, need your support and good wishes.

  12. Megha September 09, at 12:35

    Interesting milieu of information specially specially on social and developmental issues. Good Job Done!!! Looking forward to more such informative posts.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 09, at 12:35

      Thank you. Will surely strive to do better and better. You will see Uttarakhand Panorama raising various people-centric issues of the Hill state in a very strong way. Hope to get continuous support from you.

  13. Ravi September 09, at 12:38

    Amazing platform to engage sentiments of connected people. It was long awaited, much needed crediable forum. Thumps up for a job superbly executed.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 09, at 12:38

      Thanks for appreciating the effort. Yes, the idea behind this website is to give people of Uttarakhand a platform where they can get news/information about the state and also share their thoughts and sentiments about the state. So, please keep visiting the website, keep writing and keep informing people about this initiative. Thanks again !!!

  14. manju September 11, at 10:01

    paharo ki jankari dene ke liye apka thanks. apke duvara kiya gaya ye paryas sarahneeye hai . or hum umeed karte h ke ap humko uttarakahnd ke bare mai aise hi roochak jaankari dete rahenge.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 11, at 12:11

      Thanks for your comments. Please keep reading stories and keep commenting. We will make all efforts to keep up your expectations.

  15. vikram September 18, at 01:16

    Our all good wishes with u ...good luck

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 18, at 02:35

      Thanks so much...Please keep visiting the website for latest news/views on Uttarakhand. Also, spread the word about the website.

  16. Pramod September 20, at 04:33

    It is brilliant and will take UK closer to the rest of the world. Ukpanorma is good start which kindles desire to know more and all about the innocent yet rich state and confidence the a lot remains to be discovered and rediscovered. I am confident that it will serve as a great platform to the growing masses of inquisitive humans word over. Wish u all success in this uniquely focussed venture.

    • Uttarakhand Panorama September 20, at 04:58

      Thanks so much for you encouraging words. We will surely make serious efforts to bring to our readers latest news/views from Uttarakhand.


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